Sharp Info Solutions

You are just a step away from engaging an effective BPO partner that has been in the healthcare business since 2000. With us, besides saving money, you will

  • See enormous value addition
  • Recognize that your business objectives will be ours too
  • Understand that we possess in-depth knowledge of the industry
  • Appreciate our prowess in client specific customization and execution of best practices that will deliver immediate results
  • Realize that we are very flexible and perhaps one of the best in terms of ease of doing business
  • Know that we have adequate experience to provide the right solutions
  • Identify that our human resources will rank among the top if you were to use KPI to measure efficiency.



Sharp Info Solutions understands the criticality of financial management and the consequence of great work. Revenue cycle management involves various tasks, processes and procedures from the time a patient account is created to the time money is collected...


Medical Transcription

Accuracy, Speed and Confidentiality Guaranteed... Sharp Info Solutions, known for quality, dedication, and commitment, offers complete healthcare solutions to hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians through an integrated, secure technology platform at an affordable cost.


Review of Records

Precise Presentations, delivered with passion... Review of Records (ROR) involves medical and non-medical abstraction. Workmen’s comp and other insurance companies have a claimant’s medical records reviewed by a medical provider to determine initial or ongoing eligibility for benefits.


why Sharp info

Sharp info is one of the leaders in providing complete healthcare solutions. We combine latest software, technology, and professional services to deliver accurate and compliant financial management solutions. Sharp info harnesses the best of infrastructure, platforms, services, and processes to deliver results that are par excellence.

  • Provider Enrolment & Insurance Credentialing
  • Practice Collection Assessment – Free of Cost
  • Eliminate Provider-Patient Payment Hassles
  • Out-of-Network Billing Expertise
  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Claim Billing
  • Your Extended Office
  • Increase in Net Collections by 10%-15%
  • Value Besides Economy
  • Onsite Deputation & Seamless Transition
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